Aug 30, 2024

UX Superpowers for Healthcare

Our ability to transform clinical workflows through design thinking

About this session

Have you ever considered how truly innovative products come to life within highly regulated environments such as health technology? Everyone loves the latest buzzwords and concepts in tech (looking at you, GenAI), however without specialised, empowered and collaborative UX professionals, they would not often make a huge change.

In this session Judit Mora will share learnings about how she approaches breaking down the moulds of existing clinical workflows to collaboratively bring impactful innovations to HCPs who have been used to doing things the same way for decades.

You will find out how user-centred innovation is possible (even without he latest fancy tech), by creating powerful partnerships between UX-ers and HCPs who are willing to ask the right questions, and how this way of working can create products that massively reduce the resistance between complex cognitive tasks (such as medical decisions) and digital interfaces.

During this session you can expect to learn

  • Challenge conventions on a national guideline level to improve workflows with UX thinking
  • How to build partnerships with domain experts such as pharmacists
  • The impact we can make to healthcare when we own up to our domain expertise which is just as relevant as medical expertise
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