Aug 30, 2024

Design in the rare disease space

Opportunities, Challenges, & Reflections

About this session

The rare disease space has seen a significant improvement in investment from the pharmaceutical sector over the past decade. As more biotech's focus on bringing orphan drugs to market, and new drug technologies are showing excellent promise as potential rare disease cures, there is a growing sense of optimism amongst patients, clinicians, and researchers. Despite this, progress is still relatively slow, and patients are still facing significant challenges in managing complex conditions.

Digital solutions have the potential to bridge current care gaps for rare disease patients, ultimately raising the quality of care and improving outcomes. However, designing successful digital products for rare disease patients is difficult and resource-intensive. Pharma organizations are well-placed to overcome these barriers and develop solutions that can support patients with disease management, but most are still missing these opportunities.

In this talk Jack will discuss digital design in the rare disease space within the digital pharma sector, but the learnings and insights are equally relevant if you are working in the medtech industry.

Jack will identify some opportunities for pharma organizations to improve the patient experience using digital solutions, some of the challenges that have prevented or stalled these efforts, and reflections from his own experiences of working on digital rare disease projects.

What to expect from this session:

  • A general overview of the rare disease landscape in digital pharma
  • Opportunities in digital pharma to improve the rare disease patient experience
  • Barriers & obstacles to success for digital rare disease products, drawing on my own professional experiences

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