Aug 30, 2024

Bringing humanity to diabetes technology user education

Lessons from lived experience and patient-driven innovation

About this session

In this session, Melissa Holloway will describe how lived experience and patient-driven innovation can inspire new approaches to healthcare communication and education that lead to better outcomes.

In recent years, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has replaced fingerstick blood glucose monitoring for people with type 1 diabetes in developed countries. Yet, most people using CGM still struggle to reach target glucose levels. User education on CGM is typically face-to-face, despite documented shortages of qualified diabetes care providers, as well as social and cultural factors that limit participation.

People living with a chronic condition are not defined by their diagnosis, and managing chronic illness is an art as much as science. Starting from those principles, Melissa has developed SmartStart CGM, a mobile-first learning journey for users of CGM. Combining validated principles of CGM user education, her own lived experience with type 1 diabetes, and co-creation with other people with diabetes, SmartStart CGM is relatable, beautiful and unlike any other diabetes education resource.

During this session you can expect to learn:

  • How patient-driven innovation can both challenge and complement commercial product development
  • How lived experience can complement technical expertise
  • Co-creation principles and practical examples"

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